How do i report an untaxed vehicle

I would dob. Quite a few areas round here are seeing cases of malicious ignition arson and one night this stupid idea is going to cost lives, especially with limited resourses of fire personnel to deal with them, as fire personel deal with arson, somebodies house may be burning down. An other idea would be to print out a few flyers with someone who you dislikes phone number on it, and offer the car for sale at a reduced price.

I thought with all that fuss made over Starbucks etc everyone was dead against it.

How to report an abandoned car

It might well belong to the f… w… b……d who used to employ me but failed to bloody pay me. Report the f…. How long has it been there?

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An old Volvo appeared on street I once lived in, it was very badly parked about 2ft from the curb. After 2 weeks I phoned the council are reported a possible abandoned car, they checked it out and had it removed. Maybe it is taxed but valid tax not displayed illegal in itself?

This is what my good wife did for 10 months as the new tax disc was lost and took a while to get replacement. Yes, sure.

To know if a vehicle is abandoned at least one of the following must apply:

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Report an untaxed vehicle | Lambeth Council

If the vehicle is seen to be dangerous or a possible health hazard to the public please ring us or call the police on To know if a vehicle is abandoned at least one of the following must apply: it has no keeper on the DVLA's database and is untaxed - check with the DVLA by clicking the link above, as vehicles no longer have to display a tax disc it is stationary for a significant amount of time it is significantly damaged, run down or unroadworthy - with flat tyres, wheels removed or broken windows it is burnt out it has number plates missing If the vehicle has no tax and one of the above applies then you can report the vehicle as abandoned by filling out our online form.

Abandoned Vehicles, Retrieving a removed vehicle If we have removed a vehicle that belongs to you please contact us at the earliest opportunity. You will have to pay a retrieval fee.

Tell us about the vehicle Our online form for abandoned vehicles can be found here. Advertisement advertisement. Was this page useful? Bromsgrove District Council.