Texas home warranty statute of limitations

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Builder Warranty Claims

Our contract review experts provide guidance to our commercial insurance clients. Tags: Risk Management. Higginbotham is comprised of offices located across Texas that work in unison to provide a Single Source solution no matter which is your local partner. Each one has the complete insurance and financial service capabilities that differentiate Higginbotham and the personal service that further distinguishes us. Together, we are one of the largest independent insurance brokers in Texas and the U.

Global Reach. Local Touch. Single Source. By Higginbotham on September 04 , The pyramids have been there a long time. Despite all this talk of legalities, there is an important caveat: Many good builders will continue to be helpful even after their express warranty has passed.

New-Home Construction Defects in Texas: Buyer's Rights Against the Builder

Anne Higuera, co-owner of Ventana Construction in Seattle, provides a one-year warranty to her clients. Nonetheless, Ventana has made repairs and fixes even years after the one-year warranty expired.

Texas Statute of Limitations Explained

So what should homeowners do if a builder is offering only a one-year warranty? One option is to negotiate for a longer period of time. Reminder: Those are the kind that take a long time to discover, such as foundation problems.

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Another option owners have is to ask builders about insurance products. Many builders offer products with an extended warranty — as long as 10 years — that are backed by insurance companies.

These are typically paid for by the builder, with the cost passed on to the homeowner. Finally, the most important thing is for both contractors and owners to screen each other carefully.

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What do builder warranties cover?

Sold on Lake Sammamish Serene. While the warranty may be for fifteen years, this does not mean that the new homeowner always has fifteen years to make a complaint. Legal complaints as to warranties follow the Texas Uniform Commercial Code UCC , meaning that once the claim accrues, there is a four-year statute of limitations during which the complainant can bring a suit. It depends. This four-year limitation beginning after delivery does not apply to warranties promising repairs or replacement long into the future, however. The time span provided in the warranty applies.