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I asked him if it was obvious to the rest of the people at the base that these were prisoners from the Hole, even when they were in the dining room that the rest used. You stayed away from these people. Because Miscavige is afraid. We asked several former base workers who were in the Hole or saw the people coming in and out to put together for us a list of everyone who was once held in it — some were held only days, some were held for years, and some, we believe, are still spending their days in the gulag. Mike Rinder , a former resident of The Hole, provided us with the titles of his former colleagues.

Amy Scobee , meanwhile, generously provided us with her written remembrances of her fellow workers. She considers herself very fortunate. I love so many of those people, having worked with them for 20 years or more. They just wanted to help people, and knowing that they were all locked down in the hell-hole with steel bars on the doors and windows just kills me. After she was brought back, she was put in Gold. Originally from Australia.

She worked in WDC over various sectors. Monica has long since left the Sea Org. Wealthy church members go there to receive the highest level of Scientology enlightenment, Operating Thetan Level Eight. She was allowed to have a baby and come back to the base her husband is Tamia Arbuckle and they go back a long ways — Tamia was one of the original Apollo Troops musicians. Wayne Baumgarten is his son and Debbie Cook is his daughter-in-law. Allen and his wife Sherry were roommates with my husband and I for a few years.

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They told me lots of stories of life in Australia. Sherry was petrified in her old age that she would be offloaded out of the Sea Org with no way to support herself we were getting constant threats of off-load at the time. Allen and Sherry were very good friends. But he came to the Int Base in early s on a project for Miscavige to design the new e-meter and packaging for LRH lectures. Miscavige held him up as so much more competent than the rest of us.

In , he and Tom Devocht were put onto projects around the base to deal with other projects that Miscavige deemed were not being handled. Russ fell into disfavor and was then placed into the Hole and has been there for years. Very nice guy. Small blonde girl from England. She was running for Miscavige along with Jenny Linson. Nice guy, very computer savvy.

Who are the 264 men arrested in the February day spa crackdown?

Was the CO Gold at an early time, as well as their Finance person. Both of her parents and her sister were posted at the Int base. The lawsuit was settled in April. She was the Captain FSO for many years. From England. She and I were on the RPF together in She worked in the Int Landlord office. Boots way too big for her. She was a young girl from Europe.

Was married to Jenny Linson, who is the daughter of film producer, director and screen writer, Art Linson. He has a brother Thomas, who was also at the Int base for a period. Susie attempted suicide in order to get off the RPF.

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I have a group WDC photo and David is in that shot. I received an order to interview him to get him to join in early His wife Pam was a technical person in RTC. Monica Grannis Exec Strata. She was also an org evaluator and worked in the AVC unit for a while. We twinned on the Key to Life course together. Great guy. She replaced me when I went into WDC. She eventually worked as a designer in the Int Landlord office.

He was briefly put on post as the Establishment Exec Int and was eaten alive within a few weeks. Miscavige busted him to clean dumpsters. I worked with her for years. Was busted to the decks. I was on the decks with her at the time. She told me Miscavige was really pissed with her as she kissed someone. After completing her amends, she was assigned to the Int Management PR office. She has two daughters who both left the Sea Org.

She ended up in LRH Compilations. Brought 3 children into the Sea Org with her.

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The two girls Becky and Lindsay ended up taking off. Their son Greg Hughes, Jr. Debbie is diabetic. I observed someone getting pushed around the running track in a wheel chair while the rest of the Int execs were running, as a punishment. Claire Headley confirmed that it was Debbie who had a diabetic attack while running and was made to continue the punishment from a wheel chair. Used to be a successful dentist with his own practice before joining the Sea Org. I worked in WDC with him for years.

I understand he and Debbie left the Sea Org due to medical problems and now live somewhere in the LA area.

Liz was a bridesmaid at my wedding and we were roommates for a time. She was known for her temper — she could scream like crazy about non-compliance. Married to Mark Ingber. She has a brother and sister in the Sea Org as well. Another sister routed out several years ago. He arrived back to the Int base from the Publications organization in Europe. He was a yo-yo, always getting in trouble.

Kristina Jensen is her sister. I believe they are originally from Denmark. This was done to humiliate these people, by making the dummies say very stupid things. Miscavige really gets a kick out of degrading people. It was sick to witness. Heber told me once that he had been an actor in the movie Paint Your Wagon. I only have fond memories of Heber. He did many of my corrections. Small balding guy from South Africa. I think he was from Finland. Had a son Axel Johansson who worked in Cine. First met in We were on the RPF together in the mid 80s. She fell off a very tall scaffold and shattered her pelvis.

She was out of commission for quite some time after that. She was married to Dan Koon, who left the Sea Org in the early s. I just arrived to Flag and I was posted as her Communicator.