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While it is possible to reach the cars and enter them, it is impossible to drive them during the mission as the mission immediately ends and the car is lost. It is possible to push one of them to where the mission would start as an alternative, jump in, leading to mission failure which warps the player back to the nearby mission trigger with the car hopefully waiting there.

One of two black Washingtons featured during " All Hands on Deck! Comparison between the black Washington found during "All Hands on Deck!

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A special wagon version of the Washington is used for the game's rendition of the Romero hearse. A Washington is also requested as part of Stevie's Car Thefts ; unlike most vehicles in the side mission, the Washington appears with a black body color that is not unique, as many black Washington's can be seen around Algonquin.

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From Grand Theft Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. Vehicle Washington. Hotring [gta.

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PCJ Playground [gta. RC Bandit Race [gta. Pizza Boy [gta. Rifle Range [gta.

Replenishing ammunition for all weapons. The ability to recruit three bodyguards at the Vercetti Estate. The "Frankie" outfit inside the Vercetti Estate. Double vehicle strength for any vehicle you drive. Seems like you've finished the guide, hope you'll complete your game! If you liked my guide, then don't forget to add this guide to your favourites!

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Sources; GTA Wiki [gta. Sichuan 6 Nov am. I don't have one right now, but you can google it. Thanks a lot! Banana Face. Banana Face 26 Apr am.

Thanks a lot for your comments guys. Admiral Western-most house in Starfish Island rear. Infernus Vercetti Estate or Ocean Beach rear. Banshee West house in the middle of Starfish Island rear. Phoenix Starfish Island or Ocean Beach rear. Comet Leaf Links rear. Stinger Starfish Island or Ocean Beach rear.

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Voodoo Little Haiti rear. Cuban Hermes Little Havana rear. Caddy betterthanwalking Hidden in a bush near the Lighthouse rear. Baggage Handler Escobar International Airport rear. Complete the list and there'll be a bonus for you.